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Sunday, October 2, 2011



now I'm entering week 10. Ya Allah the time running super duper fast. Seems like yesterday I'm registered for my Bachelor Course. All the memory keep on rotating in my mind.

What am I busy about huh??

1) Electrical System in Building (ESB)
Right now I need to complete my assignment. What am I supposed to do?? I need to design the electrical system for the building from the criteris given by the 'client' (of coz it'll be my sir). Hehe..

*dulu zaman amek LK,kena tahu kat mana point electric tu, then buat je symbol2 guna pembaris dia. Sekarang nak kena design cable ape nak pakai,MCB jenis ape,tak boleh overcurrent,kapasiti transformer kena memenuhi kriteria.. (poning kepala den ni hah @_@)

2) Renewable Energy (RE)
First assignment completed with successfully with my team. Review & study on our own. Contains theoritical & calculations..

3) Innovations
Lots of ideas and innovation need to be completed. Assignment + Interview + Presentation + Product.

4) FYP
Still suffering with the programme. Another 3 weeks for my VIVA. Report + Technical Report + Presentation Slide + Poster + Technical Research.

Please give me the strengh.
Please guide me thru the right path.
Please hold me thightly.
Please make my path easier.


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