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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

second last semester

Even i'm already entering my last semester, still i wanna conclude about my second last semester which is my semester 6.

1) Industrial Control (LO2-BO1)

What's that?? This subject teach me how to monitor the plant by only sitting on the chair. Huhu. Sound weird right? This subject more familiar with the SCADA system. Yup SCADA, Supervisory control and Data Acquisition. It used to monitor and control a plant or equipment in industries such as water and waste control and oil and gas refining. It used to monitor and control a plant or equipment in industries such as water and waste control and oil and gas refining.
We need to undergo our industrial visit for this subject. Which company did we choose?? Indah Water Konsortium (IWK). There, we have been explained the relation between SCADA n their daily task. Good expose n experience for me.
As usual i need to come out with my own mini project. Such a good experience in doing all the mini project. =)
The lecturer was, Sir Nadaraj. Always give me headache. HUHU. Yet he is so helpful in helping me completing my mini project.

2) Power Quality(LO2-BO2)

This subject related with the power generation, distribution and transmission. How the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) flow. I'm enjoying study this subject since the lecturer are really2 helpful + he is soooo charming. =D
During our lab session, he will explain detail about the flow of the lab since we are playing with a high voltage. Thank You sir Dr. Khairil Rahmat. Even he is a doctor,he is so humble. He love to share his experinces in completing his studies until he manage to get the 'Dr' title.

3) Technoprenuership (LO3-TO1)

Huhu. I called it as Techno. This subject was more to the business thinking. WHAT?? Again i need to take a management paper. For this subject, we need to form a group to create a company. We need to come out with a new idea a product. WHAT??? We need to prepare a business plan according to the right procedure. FINE.!! My product was 'Smart Rechargeable Battery'. Sound cool right?? @_<. Then we need to join the 'Business Plan Competition'. Then we need to present our business plan n need to tell how we want to compete with the other competitors. How many profit that we target. Such a great experince in completing the business plan. Thanks to Sir Mahfuz Malek.

4) Pengajian Islam (LO4)

It is a islamic subject which fall into 'Mata Pelajaran Wajib' which take 4 credit hours. Huhu. This subject are more to reading and do a preentation. As usual i love to speak infront of the class. ^_^ Thanks to Ustaz Kamal n Ustazah Rohani Ahmad.

5) Professional Communication (LO3-TO2)

This subject should be taken in semester 5, but then i took it in this semester. As usual this subject help me toimprove my communication skill. In this subject we need to interview an engineer for the choosen company. Then we need to do a presentation with the detail that the engineer gave us. Not only that, this subject teach us how to do a report which similar to our FYP report. Such a complicated report since we need to follow so many guidelines. Anyway thaks to MDM Shariah Abdul Wahid. Our lovely Madam.

6) Final Year Project

FYP,as mentioned before that starting from this semester until next semester I need to complete my FYP in order to complete my studies. Huhu. It such a Hoooorrrrrrooorrrrr.. YUP. I choose Sir Mohd Azlan Abu as my project supervisor.

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